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29 octobre 2017 7 29 /10 /octobre /2017 21:59
Peaks of the Caucasus in Georgia                  Via Flaminia in Italy               

          October 1- 14, 2018

The registration for the Peaks of the Caucasus is now open.
The rally is supported by the Prime Minister and the largest bank of the country.
During 14 days we will be taking some truely stunning roads in this remarkable country. From the semi-desert at the Azerbaijan border to the highest peaks of Europe, from the buzzing city of Tbilisi with its nice restaurants to the Svan people high in the mountains. Fourteen days of light competition, some trials and new freindships.
Georgia in a country in full development, it is currently making a huge leap into the modern world. Important for us is that the main roads are excellent and that it is becoming increasingly challenging to find bad roads.
Georgia has a turbulent history dating back to the Persians, the Greek, Russia of the Tsars and of course the Soviet Union. All those influences have made the people very welcoming and are probably the reason the cuisine is so versatile and delicious.
These influences have made it to an Orthodox Christian country with a culture of churches and icons.
The biggest contribution to the world coming from Georgia is the wine making, dating back 6000 years.

Discover this estonishing Georgia with your pre-war car.
Peaks of the Caucasus

Start: Monday October 1, 2018
Republic Square

Finish: Sunday October 14, 2018
Chateau Mukhrani
near Tbilisi

Before November 1: € 5.930, –
After October 31: € 6.430, –

Shipping of car in closed container
starting at € 3.500, - + insurance.

Kilometers: ca 2250
  • Supported by the Georgian government.
  • A Maximum of 32 pre-war cars.
  • Fourteen nights in excellent hotels.
  • Thirteen dinners.
  • Twelve lunches.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Third party insurance up to $ 300.000, –
  • Commemorative photo book by photographer Wico Mulder.
  • Special prize for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia clothing.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.

          May 26 - June 2, 2018

Via Flaminia in South Italy.
The rally to Puglia was sold out in ten days time. However some entry positions in the rally from Puglia back to Bologna and Verona remain.
Puglia is known for its diversity and ancient culture. We find some of the most remarkable towns of Italy, charming fishing villages but also a range of beaches and beautiful natural settings. The food has its own fresh twist and the people are even more car-loving.
We start in baroque Lecce, also called "Rome of the South". We stay two nights in the Grand Hotel in the centre of town. In total we stay three days in Puglia before taking some of the most pristine roads towards our final destination on the Mille Miglia road above Bologna.
The rallies organised by Via Flaminia are not about speed or timing. There is a slight element of competition, but that is only to increase the liveliness of the discussions at the poolside. There is plenty of time for a cup of coffee on the town square or for a picture.
Those who have participated on the event in the past know that there is a unique and very special camaraderie that surrounds the Via Flaminia, we invite you to enter the event and experience this first-hand.

Via Flaminia Classic:

Start: Sunday May 27
Patria Palace, Lecce

Finish: Saturday June 2
Hotel Palazzo Loup, Bologna

Registration starting at: € 2.750, –

Truck: Holland - Bari Airport: € 700, -

Motorail: Verona - Düsseldorf starting at € 570, -

  • A maximum of 30 crew
  • Seven nights in excellent hotels.
  • Five dinners.
  • Three or four lunches.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Special prize for the winners.
  • Via Flaminia clothing.
  • Roadbooks, rallyshields etc.
Please have a look at www.via-flaminia.com for any additional information.
You are also welcome to send an e-mail to Bart Kleyn
or to call Bart in Amsterdam: +31 6 242 343 45
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